Hard drive repair and data recovery information
Hard drive repair processes and equipment
The most important tool you MUST have if data is irreplaceable

This is a term reagrding the level of microscopic air filtration to enable a clean environment to prevent & minamize contamination of a computer hard drives internal components after the seals have been broken for internal diagnostics & repair

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!
First step in do it yourself hard drive repair
The importance of a class 100 Clean Room
Demonstrated here is a typical case scenario when you open the top of a failed hard drive... to see if there is any obvious fault before you decide to send it into a data recovery company
First I will display what is not normally seen by the human eye and also what critical adjustment to flying height of the read write heads that could be critical to the recovery of the data

What is a Class 100 Clean room for hard drive repair & data recovery?

This is the Prevention and the reduction of dust particles and contamination of the hard drive platters, but is this necessary?

Below is a demonstration of an opened hard drive that has had the lid removed and the Actuator (Magnet) Replaced on a clean desk that would have only been exposed for less than 3 minutes

hard drive repair clean room
HEPA filtered Laminar Flow Unit
ESD Electrode Static Dispersing Flooring
Class 100 Clean room

As you can see the particles are clearly visible when a camera flash is used

TIP: If for what ever reason you have taken the lid off your hard drive to investigate the clicking or strange noise: Use a can of Compressed air to quickly remove any contaminants prior to replacing the Top of the hard drive.

Its not so much that dust causes major Problems it's things like dead skin that instantly sticks to the platter of the hard drive.

When it comes to file structures such as Mac HFS+ data is daisy chained and one bad sector can cause the rest of the chain to fall off with NO recollection of where it belongs.

A clean room consists of a HEPA filtered environment being a free standing softwall clean room to a bench also known as a Laminar Flow Unit

Here is a good example of a basic clean room
This was my 3rd clean room construction I had done, it was definitely the smallest but it was very officiant for its requirements