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The most important tool you MUST have if data is irreplaceable
3.5 inch descktop hard drives used to be very common from Fujitsu,  but for what ever reason the only fujitsu drives I see are now 2.5 inch notebook hard drives

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!

First step in do it yourself hard drive repair
Fujitsu MPG & MPF desktop drive where renown for system area damage with modules corrupting during the drives operation.. leaving the drive to be unrecognizable in the computers BIOS to being seen as funny hieroglyphic characters...

We had designed and configured a way to remotely repair these hard drives via a small application you would install on a functioning windows PC & installed the non recognized Fujitsu so enable us to remote in to repair the modules so that on reboot the drive would be seen & you could pull off your data
Download CyberLab Remote Fujitsu recovery client
Fuhitsu Remote Recovery Screenshot
CLRFR is a tool for remote hard disk data recovery (via the Internet). It's non-invasive, we do not examine your data, all we do is resurrect your drive momentarily for you to retrieve your data. It's imperative you have a good drive with enough available space to recover the lost data and situate this drive on the primary IDE because once resurrected, you will have little time in order to recover the lost data.
An engineer will interrogate your drive to see if recovery is possible. Please confirm what time you intend to do this as we will have to synchronize our server.
We will need the full model of the disk shown on sticker like this:

Also write down the serial number of the drive for your own purposes please do not tell us this information. So we can confirm that we have the right drive once connected.
If there is a mechanical failure then you will have to send the drive to us for further analysis.
In our experience it's unlikely that you will recover the data by swapping boards or any other means because each drive is unique at manufacture. The controller boards are integral to each drive.

Fujitsu hard drive repair