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The most important tool you MUST have if data is irreplaceable
Specific faults require tools that in most cases require training & practice.. basereplace is one of these tools that aids in the succesful transfer of data from a jammed or stuck spindle of a seagate hard drive

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!

First step in do it yourself hard drive repair
Problem #2

The Spindle Motor in a Seagate Drive is Mounted to the hard drive assembly! So what this means is you now have to remove the platters and you need a whole new matching hard drive assembly to remount the drives platters.
This is a major problem as Hard drives have gotten bigger in density but not in size, so the are very delicate.
These Platters are sensitive to dust as well as containing delicate components easily damaged by static electricity, so opening these drives on your desk and attempting to loosen the drives spindle by putting screwdrivers or sharp objects in the vacant screw holes will only damage the platters components and of course the famous slip from whatever tool you are using to cause a great scratch on the surface of the platters... once again I have seen this many times.

Problem #3

Balancing and Alignment of the Platters are Crucial to any recovery so do not disturb there original position for any reason or you might as well bin the drive.  These Platters need to be taken out as a set without being disturbed.

Problem #4

The read write heads are now stuck to the platter of the drive!  What this means is read write heads are not designed to touch the platter of the drive, But there is a park area on the platter for the drive to land on when turned off, this area has many tiny holes to prevent the heads from sticking to the surface of the platter. what our problem is with a hard drive that is jammed is removing these heads from the drive with out touching the platter of the drive, remember the platters are stuck... they do not move so any attempt to slide the heads off will result in the heads sticking to the platters and altering the heads alignment as well as possible platter damage.

These Jammed Seagate Spindle Motors are a very serious problem, If your hard drive is stuck or not spinning or making a slight grinding noise and you suspect that it is jammed, call our recovery partners under the promotions page.

BASE REPLACE the jammed Seagate hard drive repair tool
The alternative repair system for jammed or stuck spindle motor bases on Seagate hard drives

This tool enables the complete lock down of platters, dividers, read-write heads & alignment of jammed or stuck Seagate hard drive spindle motors for easy base transplant to temporally repair the hard drive to recover your data.

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Seagate Jammed, Stuck Spindle Motor Repair

This is a very common issue especially with hard drives 250 gigabyte and up, This is mostly caused by a sharp shock to the drive while in motion, such as knocking the drive over in an external USB enclosure.
Below I have pulled this jammed spindle motor apart to demonstrate where the fault lies and what not to do!

First of all

Problem #1

This is NOT a spindle Bearing problem so trying to put any type of oil is not going to achieve anything but unrecoverable platter damage, if you do indeed manage to resurrect the drive to spin.. rotational gravity will take over and seep any oil away from the bearings and all over your platter.
This is a true story I have seen many times.

As you can see in the diagram the spindles shaft has caused unrepair-able abrasions in the spindles cylinder... this is much like a piston from a car engine, it needs to move freely and if damaged this would need to be machined smooth or re-bored
So forcing of the spindle to turn, will only make matters worse... this spindle motor needs to be replaced!