Hard drive repair and data recovery information
Hard drive repair processes and equipment
The most important tool you MUST have if data is irreplaceable
It is possible as a simple fix on some but rare Samsung hard drives that corrosion of the PCB contact can cause communication issues
Simply removing the Printed Circuit Board will enable you to clean these contact with an standard eraser
But other than that you are looking at system areas problems & head replacements to successfully recover your data

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!

Samsung hard drive faults can be due to PCB failure, System area failure, read write head degradation or a combination of all three

PCB or printed circuit board corrosion (see: PCB Repair) can cause corruption in the system area due to poor contact

Once this area is cleaned and tested for continuity we can then proceed to validating the system area of the drive
In many cases by repairing or clearing out particular modules of the Samsung drive you can get the drive operating normally & recover the data

Of course if constant clicking is heard then you wont be able to get access to this area & a head replacement or head swap will be required.

Parts can be difficult to find & best results are achieved when matching the last 5 digits after the bar code normally found on the top of the hard drives label
(See: Hard Drive Parts)

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PCB Heads contact corrosion
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