Hard drive repair and data recovery information
Hard drive repair processes and equipment
The most important tool you MUST have if data is irreplaceable
hard drive repair Seagate techniques.

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!

The problems associated with the recovery of:


Jammed spindle motors
System area coruption
Platter alignment
Head alignment
Platter Shields

Known firmware issues (bricked) 7200.11 sounds fine but stays busy
Accessing the Terminal (Serial) USB Optional
Command lines
Barracuda ES.2 Terminal Locked Bricked firmware issues also sounds fine but stays busy
Shorting of PINS

Open Circuit - PCB Failure
Result from reversed power plug insertion

Damaged Platters

SCSI medium error

Medium error

This is a fault associated with Seagate SCSI drives
Your SCSI controller might report the drive during the boot screen as medium error

The hard drive should spin & sound normal or even have a very slight beeping sound
such models that have had the medium error problem are the:

Momentus Laptop drives & Mac Laptops

First step in do it yourself hard drive repair
Seagate Repair Examples
Seagate Repair Examples
Seagate Repair Examples
Seagate hard drive repair