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    Toshiba faults vary from jammed spindle motors to PCB failure PCB failure on more recent models can be difficult to repair due to the embedded firmware and the uniqueness of that firmware, but more common is the jammed spindles. Especially in the GAS & GAX models

    Toshiba laptop hard drives would fail with a slight grinding sound or even vibrating of the hard drive indicating the platters were unable to spin correctly In some cases, this would also cause the spindle IC on the printed circuit board to fail with visible catastrophic results.

    There has even been reports on some forums that heating up the spindle motor from the back of the hard drive assembly at the base of the spindle motor bearing would ease this bearing and enable the drive to spin freely, but I have yet to use this technique as it seems very dodgy to say the least.

    What has been very reliable and almost guaranteed a successful repair for recovering your data is simply replacing the platters into a functioning hard drive assembly (Platter Swap) in a matching model. What also makes this process easier is that the platters do not have to be aligned, even if you have a single platter or two platters you can still transfer them one at a time, of course this is best done by a professional with multiple platter transfers under their belt will greatly improve this process.

    If data is important seek the professionals, a dropped platter is not recoverable! and even more costly if you lose the platter order or original sides, as they are not marked

This is an actual successful recovery from a jammed spindle

HDD2181 D ZE01 T
Spindle 000602000

Noisy rattle of the spindle motor

Repair Process
Platter Transfer to functional hard drive assembly of the same model: MK3021GAS
As for newer models GSYF GSXF etc.. They have been more of the normal bad heads with multiple head replacements being more common.

I have designed this section to educate on the perils of self data recovery and the problems associated with a Toshiba hard drive faults and repair.

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!
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