Hard drive repair and data recovery information

This site is dedicated to informing the public about what is involved with hard drive repair for the purpose of data recovery. The information here was gathered by myself, a data recovery technician of over 15 years. I hope that this information will help prevent some of the common mistakes associated with hard drive repair and and data recovery to help you keep your data intact.

Remember if data is important please consider the experts!

Clone image

System area repair

Class 100 Cleanroom

Fault diagnostics


PCB Printed circuit board repair

Hard drive parts

Head swap

Common HDD faults

Bad Sectors

Hard drive firmware

Platter swap

hard drive repair & data recovery information

Most hard drive models have common faults.
Clicking, buzzing, dead hard drive?
What's is the problem?
Forced reading of bad sectors of a hard drive using CRC error control

Class 100 dust filtration system, essential for platter replacement
Firmware compatibilty for parts and configuration

Matching replacement parts to repair your hard drive
The transfer of failed internal read write heads
The transfer of failed internal platters or disks
Visual printed circuit board failure & component replacement
This is a bit by bit, sector by sector cloning operation of a failing hard drive

The system area is purely communication between the platters & the electronics of a hard drive
This would have to be the most important.
Where do you start to diagnose a fault
with a bad hard drive?








Hard drive repair information by model:

Common Faults

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Hard drive repair infomation
recovered hard drive
Repaired hard drive

Fault Diagnostics

Bad Sectors

Class 100 Cleanroom


Hard drive parts

Head Swap

Platter Swap

PCB Repair

Clone Image

System Area

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Data recovery services

Clicking hard drive?
Beeping hard drive?
Dead hard drive?

When your data requires the expertise of a trusted data recovery service.
Hard drive repair diagnostics & refurbishing service.

Hard drive fault repair evaluation, part segregation & intergration.
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Just added western digital firmware modules for